Sales Pipeline not growing as fast as you want?

New information from your sales people will tell you why

Sales Executive
What You Need to Know and Why

According to CSO Insights 2016 Sales Enablement Optimization Study, today salespeople are spending 35.9% of their time selling, with the rest of their week consumed by other tasks. As a sales executive you want to monitor why front line sales people spend over 64% of their time non selling activities.

Unsolved Problem

Sales executives rely on their front line sales people’s forecasts to determine if the company will meet its sales revenue goals in a given period. If the front line sales people spend less than 40% of their time selling, how reliable are their forecasts? Not very reliable for sure and this happens every sales quarter.

Why Sales Fail

If at the start of each sales quarter you asked your front line sales people “What % of your sales revenue target are you going to meet this quarter”, the answer you will likely be 100% off course. No one plans to fail. As the quarter matures and you were to ask that same question each day, you will hear a different answer each day. As time progresses and new realities set in, the front line sales people confidence of achieving sales goals declines.

This Problem Persists

There are many reasons why confidence declines and sales people discover them every day. As a sales executive, you will likely never know what each of your front line sales people discovers each day. This information seldom makes it into CRM as these systems monitor what has been qualified as a sales lead. The 60% of the effort that is spent discovering leads is not recorded and monitored in CRM.

You Can Change This

You can now tap into the heads of your front line sales people and learn what they know and discover each day and why they spend over 64 % of their time on non selling activities. Knowing this, you can intervene to assist to change the outcome of your sales quarter before it is too late.

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Now You Can Find Personal Help

Are you wondering why your sales efforts are not growing your pipeline and you wish you could ask your peers for guidance? With nSight you can monitor your own leads prospecting progress and compare your efforts to your peers. Where you are struggling and they are not, you can discretely reach out to them for guidance and improve your progress.

About nSight

nSight is a brainchild of a team of entrepreneurs who have experienced these sales challenges that every sales organizations faces today. nSight is a new approach to collecting and interpreting critical information which is in the possession of the individual front line sales person and which is not monitored today. This information helps sales executives understand when to intervene to assist and helps individual front line sales people self improve their selling skills.